The Color Of Friendship 

“Scientists and Artists are not that different. Any man, by looking at the stars, can create both a destiny and a destination”—Gretchen Schauffler
Connecting science and art: Artists and psychologists have much in common, says Gretchen Schauffler, founder of Devine Color, a line of vibrant interior paints that have transformed countless living spaces. Schauffler explains how her method of solving color problems coincides with interpersonal relations.

When I opened the packet that Portland State University sent me to help prepare for their PDXTalk event on How To Rock A Ted Talk I read through it and knew I had to make a choice. TED is all about an "idea worth spreading". It's not about what you know, what you do, or what you want to say, but an idea worth spreading!  

If October 13th, 2016 was my last day on Earth, speaking to an audience with a chance to leave behind an idea worth spreading, it was not going to be about color. That would be like talking about how a car gets assembled in a factory rather than what makes a car a ticket to freedom. 

This one idea worth spreading would have to be spread in less than 18 minutes. This was not like giving a 30 second elevator speech. It wasn't the usual speaking engagement where I got to explain myself for 40+ minutes, then further explain with a Q&A at the end. This was an 18 minute rope that was short enough to hold on to one idea, and long enough to hang yourself with it. 

In less than 18 minutes I would have to explain how I went from being a color consultant and creating a paint brand, to being the person worthy of spreading an idea that had nothing (yet everything) to do with color. Someone said to me that I took this challenge because my subconscious was working on helping me find the connection between all the events that had led to this moment. I believed it because for 6 weeks my subconscious had been waking me up at night and pushing me to make the connection, to care about the connection, and to own the connection

I did, and I have!

Little did I know that resolving thousands of color conflicts over the last 20 years is exactly why I am a person who could speak about my idea. I have resolved thousands of color conflicts with connection. Researching Maslow's Theory of Motivation and Pyramid of Needs confirmed how we are truly connected, not only by the same senses but by the same needs. I had no idea how The Attachment Theory made an evolutionary argument for why connection is our greatest motivation. Come to find out, unstable atoms are also fragile and explosive when they aren't connected, just like us. Connection is the greatest sense of all.

After 40 nights and 40 drafts I gave my PDXTalk on Karma Physics and the 16.5 minutes flew by.