Changing How You See Color

June 26, 2017


HOW YOU SEE COLOR IS HOW YOU USE COLOR so if you want color to be mind-blowing, you're going to have to use your mind! We see color with our eyes when it's mindless, when it's mindful we see it feel color with our senses. 


I was recently talking to a senior-facility owner about the benefits of color on emotion and memory and how to apply this in reality. The owner said that he could see the benefit of adding color as long as a “crazy” color like red wasn’t used because seniors needed to feel calm.


Looking around at the painfully beige walls that surrounded us, I felt like saying, “You mean sedated?”


To prove my point I whipped out a picture of a Sunset on my iPhone and asked him how sunsets made him feel. He said, there was nothing more contemplative than a beautiful sunset.


“Mind-blowing, right?” I asked him.

“Yes, mind-blowing!” he replied.

“Now, imagine someone saying to you that the reds in the sunset were ‘crazy’ and they needed to be taken out.”


Why would red beneficial to Seniors? Well, this depends on how it's mindfully used. Red can be peaceful in sunsets, cheery in red geraniums, or significant on a fire hydrant. Imagining the color red in a sunset enabled him to both think and feel the color in his mind. This allowed him to get past personal associations with the color red and his inability to see how it can be used in peaceful, contemplative ways.


Red stimulates the adrenal glands, generating feelings of energy or threat, depending on the intensity or amount. When used in conjunction with repetitive or detail-oriented tasks, it enhances performance.


How you use color and what shade you use is just as important as the color you choose. With the right shade and use, red can be delightfully calming for a senior center, just like the sunset. Hey, Senior Living Facility owners if you still have to believe it to see it, it's time for that miracle to start happening. 


Shouldn’t we make our endings as colorful as our beginnings?



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