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Hi There! My American Dream began when I arrived with all my "color baggage" from San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Portland, Oregon, in the 1980s. What could have been a culture and color clash became a personal mission to make "myself " at home. In the 1990s, in a mass-produced world of hunter greens and cranberry reds, I found myself rummaging through garage sales trying to find bits and pieces of avocado greens and burnt oranges that reminded me of the life I left behind. 


My home became a contemporary fusion of culture, personality, and color that ignited the minds and hearts of others who were seeking the confidence to do the same. I started my journey as a color consultant, created a custom blend of paint palettes that would become Devine Color; and am now a trusted color relationship expert. I've been sifting through people's "color baggage" for over 20 years. Colorizing a personal version of their lives to make what is unconditionally loved, unchangeable, and deeply desired look meaningful and meant to be.  


Here is what I've learned about people's "color baggage" from over 4,000 paint projects over the last two decades: Trends are mass-produced, but lives are custom-made and you can't afford to be anyone else. Paint has the power to make everything in a space feel personal and meaningful instantly. Regardless of how new, old, cheap, or expensive it is.


I look forward to creating a meant-to-be color palette for you.




Unpacking Life One Colorful Story At A Time

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From the mind of Gretchen Schauffler, creator of Devine Color Paint, comes the most seamless paint system under the rainbow and her yummiest paint yet, in a bag!

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