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Gretchen Schauffler is the vibrant soul behind Color Baggage. Her journey into the world of color began during sun-drenched car rides in Puerto Rico, where she fell in love with the way light painted a new sky every night. These mesmerizing color memories became her "color baggage," shaping her unique perspective on shades and hues. 

If Puerto Rico taught her the sovereignty of light, the Pacific Northwest taught her the sovereignty of shadows, as countless shades of green danced among the trees and ferns. Embracing these new color experiences, she turned her feelings into captivating art—colorful collages depicting moments of bliss. Her art spoke to others, selling in renowned galleries across the country.

But Gretchen's creativity didn't stop there. She dove into the world of paint, crafting custom colors and using walls as expansive canvases. She discovered that color could transform homes into harmonious havens, creating a sense of belonging, chemistry, and connection.

As an entrepreneur, Gretchen's influence reached new heights. She founded Devine Color, a trailblazing brand that empowered women to take charge of their paint color experiences. Her success led to the acquisition of Devine Color and a non-compete agreement, during which she explored meditation, served on the board of the Alzheimer's Association, and developed Color With Benefits, a color protocol benefiting memory care.

With her non-compete period over, Gretchen launched DIP Design Is Personal, offering customizable DIY home improvement products. The brand quickly gained recognition, receiving rave reviews and garnering partnerships with major retailers.

Now, with Color Baggage, Gretchen is on a mission to harmonize not only homes but also lives. Drawing from her rainbow-filled journey, she encourages meaningful synchronicity, embracing remarkable memories, experiences, and desires that lead us toward our fullest potential.

For Gretchen, it's not just about reaching destinations—it's about the joy of the journey itself. Through the power of color, she invites you to paint a new version of life, mastering the universe with a bucket of paint. Let Color Baggage inspire transformation, spark excitement, and offer a fresh outlook on life. Join Gretchen on this colorful adventure today!

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