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Devine Color: 1998-2018 

Gretchen's professional success story as a Boricua Latina entrepreneur began when she used her educational experience in Art Therapy, Architecture, Fashion Design, and Graphic Design to create a powerhouse cult brand, Devine Color, Color Therapy From The Northwest, in 2001. Devine took the paint industry by storm with a feminist perspective, putting women in charge of their own paint color experiences with color tools and paint formulas fashioned after the cosmetic industry, thus changing how paint companies market and sell paint today. 

Her brand was acquired nine years later by Valspar Paint, where she held the position as a brand consultant. Following the brand's elimination due to Sherwin Williams's acquisition of Valspar, and Devine Color, Gretchen and her husband and business partner for more than two decades both walked away with a five-year non-compete in the paint industry until 2020, thus ending her chapter with Devine Color.  This is the end of the story but not the end of the journey. Visit COLORBAGGAGE.COM

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